School Details



The school’s official name is ARMED FORCES SENIOR HIGH TECHNICAL SCHOOL.  The School has a slogan to which its members respond to, this is; MMARIMA MMA – EXCELLENCE. This is coined from the fact that the umbilical cord of the School is tied to the Ghana Armed Forces, the school being founded to meet the educational needs of the Service Personnel in the Northern Command of the Ghana Armed Forces.

With this unique ‘percentage’ the product of the School, both current and past are considered as sons, daughters, and wards of the Armed Forces, thus MMARIMA MMA and EXCELLENCE because these sons, daughters and wards aspire to be among the best in all endeavours.


The School’s motto is SERVICE WITH HUMILITY. This has been chosen from our deeply cherished belief about what it means to be an educated person.  It is our thinking that education is relevant if only it is geared toward service to mankind.  To us, the right kind of service is that which is rendered in humility.  It is the aim of the school to produce such a gem for society and mother Ghana.  To attain this laudable goal, the student is enjoined to eschew all forms of pride and learn to work hard whilst in the school.


The Armed Forces Senior High Technical School in line with its mandate is committed to producing a well rounded, complete, disciplined, innovative, purposeful and confident youth who is useful to him/herself, family and society in general.

This would be achieved in active collaboration with parents and our principal stakeholders; the Ghana Education Service, the Ghana Armed Forces and the general public at large.


The Board of Governors, Headmaster, School Management Committee, Staff and Student body of the Ghana Armed Forces Senior High Technical School collectively commit themselves to achieve excellence in the following areas:

  1. Maintain and work to enhance academic standards.
  2. Work assiduously to create and improve on a congenial school atmosphere for both staff and students to excel.
  3. Pursue infrastructural development to enhance the school’s visibility.
  4. Work to improve immensely, the work of ethic of staff and state of discipline among students.
  5. Work to improve on the relationship between the school and the parent body, as well as the old boys and girls.