ICT Department


This is a very vibrant Department which forms the backbone of the school as it does not only serve as a teaching Department, but also a serve department. The Department supports each and every area of the institution in all aspects of data requirements as well as technical support

The department has six (6) members of staff which all are teachers.


The ICT Department of this noble school is committed to providing Basic Computing Technology (BCT) that will support academic and administrative programs and services. The ICT staff researches and implements cost effective solutions that enhances the school’s ability to provide a quality reporting for students and give parents, administrators and departments the necessary information required from students.


The vision of the ICT Department is to be the leading Information Technology Department in all Second Cycle Schools in the county that provides technology excellence in all areas of ICT in conformity with Armed Forces Senior High Technical School’s mission and goals.


The Department achievement is of limited category as the department has not involved in any competition or examination outside the school. We can just boast of the current and upcoming competition which the school is part “HAPASPACE Scratch Competition” which we hope to wine. The Department has been a pioneer and a powerful catalyst in addressing the needs and interest of parents, teachers, students and school authorities with respect to academic work in the school. The migration of the school from its manual reporting on student to a web based application where all parents can access their wards terminal reports online. Teachers also are at liberty to enter students’ marks anywhere under this planet.


As per the vision of the Department, it needs a lot of resources to enable it realizes such. The concept, methods and applications involved in ICT are constantly evolving on an almost daily basis and this is why the Department would be appreciative to any benevolent organization or old students to enable it acquire certain materials. Materials like brand new computers, printers, projectors, tables and chairs, another laboratory with smart board that will enable the school to partake in robotics competitions, just to mention a few and air conditioners that will stabilize the computers and other equipment in . The Department is calling also on industries and companies to extend our Wi-Fi internet access in the school to every corner in the school.